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The initial gatherings of what would later become known as BAST (Burton Albion supporters team) took place back in the hazy days of 2002. With ample flesh and inadequate skill, a group met to play 5-a-side at Meadowside leisure centre on friday evenings. Few would have imagined the footballing juggernaut which resulted from those sessions, and those who scoffed at our heroes back in those early days now eat the pie they call 'humble'. Literally weeks of hard work came together when the original 5-a-side lads, with some new additions, took to Eton rec. back in February. Stony glares were exchanged. We felt fate had brought us to this point, and the Burton boys weren't about to throw away this chance. The whistle blew, and so commenced a legacy. This website, we hope, will touch people's hearts and minds. The story of these footballers, nae athletes, is a truly moving episode. It's one which looks set to continue for a long time to come.
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