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So Gaff, 2 games un-beaten; you must be pleased?

Hmm, 2 games you say? Don't all the games I'm unbeaten on Championship Manager count? I think they should. But if not then yeah - I couldn't be happier but full credit must go to the lads on the pitch, particularly Jonesy. Although I have to say I'm annoyed at our lack of press coverage this time around. They just drop you for no reason just because there's no freaky coincidence. I blame Cloughy, he should have forced HIS team to copy us.

>How pleased were you with the commitment and teamwork by the players?

The whole team spirit is excellent, and better that I could have expected. The fact I could be soley a referee on Saturday and not make any management decisions shows how well the team is gelling together already.

Of all the players who scored EXACTLY 4 goals (no more, no less),
who was the most impressive? (Only one answer to that :-))

Unfortunately, no official records exist of who scored each goal so actually no-one scored 4.

((Ed: Just because no record exists doesn't mean that no one scored 4- on that basis, no one scored at all. I know I scored 4 (including the opener, for which I feel I deserve extra credit for no particular reason), Karl knows he scored 3, Mootch knows he scored 5 or 6. Don't rob the players of glory gaff; we were all superb. Carry on being cheeky and a mutiny may be on the cards).

>How do you you think you handled the game as stand-in ref?

I really enjoyed it. I've done a lot of linesmanning in the past and it all came back easily. Wouldn't want to do it on a full pitch though.

>Of all the new rules, which is your personal favourite?
"The referee shall attempt to allow the game to flow as fully as possible" - meant I could just leave you lot to it and go off chatting whenever I wanted to!

(Ed: The chat sessions the gaffer mentions were picked up on by Andy from Chester, who moaned that The Gaff was not completely attentive to the game on occasions. The referee's assessor shall be submitting a report to the FA, and the Gaff could be faced with a charge of bringing the game into disrepute and acting in an unproffessional manner under sub-section 8 of rule 493.2 which states "No official shall engage in frivellous conversation with a fellow non-player during a game")

>What colour trousers are you wearing?

I am currently wearing some navy blue trackie bottoms.

>A parting shot to all the lads who played?

I thought I told you lot to lose the game so the real team would win in the afternoon????!!!!

(Ed: Prior to saturday's game, the Gaffer attempted to bribe the team with a substantial cash amount and a voucher each for a half price game of bowling. The team refused this and, pride and integrity intact, went on to win in spite of the Gaffer's underhand tactics).

So, there we have it- another day, another win for BAST. Special thanks must go to the person who shall remain nameless who organised the game, who is quite frankly a god. *Bows*.